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Johnny is the son of two Mexican Immigrant parents that came to the USA to provide a better life and opportunities for their children. Johnny has one younger brother and as the older sibling, he felt extreme pressure to make sure he laid out the correct path for his brother and future children. He has always been a strong artist and loved to draw.

He was able to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and then later a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington. He acquired his Architect License and knew it was time to begin his practice.  Success followed him but his main focus was to help others as much as he could while they helped him provide for his family. Until now the company Vizual Architecture has grown and is a team of talented individuals. Johnny and his partner Daniel Parrish have continued to excel and take the company through leaps and bounds. Vizual Architecture, Architectural Firm in Dallas, was founded in 2015 and is known as an industry leader in Single family residential design and commercial Architecture. They design with sensitivity to the economy and environment. With a responsibility to lead and serve the public, Vizual Architecture continues to set the bar. They also work with commercial products like restaurants, multi-family, Townhomes, offices and hotels.

Johnny, on the little free time he gets, enjoys making family Tiktok and Youtube videos on their channel.

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