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+/-1,500 SF PER UNIT

The Skyline Townhome Condos, designed by the creative minds of Vizual Architecture, is a unique Architectural solution to the requirements and limitations of the property at Kelly avenue.  Close attention to context and current housing demand is what gave fuel and direction to this development.  In order to maximize the projects potential and leave little to no wasted space, a unique concept arose in regards to the circulation of the building.  The primary solution was to double load any and all access to the individual units. It starts with the covered and shared driveway that offers safety and security for the user.  Next is the shared access stair as you initially make your way up to the units entry door. The stairs are then stacked for efficiency and maximize the usable square footage of each unit.  Each unit is four stories tall with garage on level one, living on level 2, bedrooms on 3 and 4, and even a roof terrace on level 4 with breath taking views.  The modern exterior design compliments the current language of the developing area with warm brick and metal accents. As you make your way to the inside of the unit you are met with modern fixtures and clean lines while being showered by natural light provided by the large glass windows.  This development will appeal to many from small to medium size families.  Yes, it will even be pet friendly.  We expect this development to not only encourage but inspire the area for urban and dense development of which is highly desired.



Fourteen unit townhome development divided in two detached buildings with same design and layout. Each building is oriented to the center driveway while containing seven units.  Each unit has a two car garage at ground level.  It has a kitchen, living room and dining room on level 2.  On levels 3 and 4 are the bedrooms and roof top terrace.

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Corral Multi-Family Conceptual Perspective_Photo - 1.jpg


72 Unit apartment with two levels of units and connected with a breezeway.  Applying a modern transitional style to these apartments is what brings the urban feel to the development.


Five story Mixed-Use Building consisting of apartments (26 total units), retail, and a parking garage. 

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