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Before moving to Dallas, Vanessa was born in New York and then eventually moved all around Houston. In this time Vanessa developed the love for drawing and painting. Eventually those crafts became her indulging in creating/putting furniture together. In her travels she would gain a detailed eye of her surroundings, especially in a building she was in or passed by. This led her to the passion of Architecture. She was able to receive a Master of Architecture in 2021 from Prairie View A&M University. Vanessa enjoys collaborating nature and outdoor spaces with her designs, in her eyes the best design needs to make both the occupants and nature happy. In a short time, she has accumulated experience in Commercial Mixed Used, Hospitality, Residential, and Commercial and looks forward to learning more. Looking ahead, fueled by determination, Vanessa aspires to be an Architect along with passing down her knowledge to young, minded people. Away from the desk, you'll find Vanessa enjoying outdoors and new experiences, painting, Legos, and spending time with her two feline fur babies. Whether it's exploring the outdoors, traveling, or immersing herself in creative pursuits, life's tapestry extends beyond the professional realm. She cherishes the balance between personal and professional life, recognizing that each enriches the other.

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